User Policy and Agreement

All users must read, acknowledge and sign the HMIS/ServicePoint User Policy, Responsibilities Statement, and Code of Ethics before they are granted access to the HMIS system. 

Maine HMIS Training Process:

In an effort to provide our HMIS users with a solid foundation of need-to-know knowledge and ongoing support, we have a variety of training videos available which are required for all new HMIS Users. If you are not a current user and require access to HMIS, please review and follow the steps below. 

  • Once forms have been completed and returned, you will receive a “Welcome” email from Bridge (our Learning Management System).
  • Follow the instructions to create your account in Bridge.
  • You will receive an email, with a link, for each training you are required to complete.
  • After trainings have been completed you will need to contact  to receive your HMIS credentials.

Note: Our training software assumes that each registrant will have a distinct email address and will not allow two registrations for the same email address under one course. In terms of online tests, the assumption is that each participant will login using a different machine so that the test represents their work, not a group effort. Once New User training has been completed, Users will need to complete Program Specific training. Training will be based on job requirement. 

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