New LMS - Switching from Canvas to Bridge!

As required by HUD, all HMIS End Users must be provided adequate training prior to receiving an HMIS license. Maine HMIS End Users currently complete courses through Canvas, an online Learning Management System (LMS), to meet this requirement. The Maine HMIS Team is excited to announce that we will begin using a new LMS, Bridge. Bridge is a more advanced version of Canvas. Based upon Survey Monkey results compiled on four courses currently offered through Canvas, most End Users prefer more interactive learning and Bridge will have the capacity to meet this need!

The goal of the HMIS Team is to have a near seamless transition between the two systems for the End Users. To begin using Bridge, End Users will:

  • Receive an email regarding account creation
  • In the body of the email, click the ‘Set a Password’ button
  • A Bridge webpage will open and you will be prompted to create a password
  • Once you have a password, the login screen will appear
  • Your User Name will be your email address
  • Upon signing in, you will need to review and agree to the ‘Terms of Use’
  • After agreeing, you will be directed to ‘My Learning’ where you can access assigned courses
  • Another way to access the courses is through a second email, the Course Invitation
  • A third email will be received to notify you of the password creation

A Certificate of Achievement will automatically be issued to the End User by Bridge once a successful score (80+) is achieved for the course. All End Users will need to complete any current trainings in Canvas on or before March 22, 2019. Training access will be placed on hold from March 22nd to April 1st. On April 1, 2019, any End Users who have outstanding training courses to complete, will be required to do so through Bridge. For new users, an updated HMIS User Agreement or Training Request form will need to be submitted prior to gaining access to Bridge. If you do not have any assigned training courses at this time, you do not need to do anything. Once required annual trainings are available, all other HMIS End Users will receive an invitation to join Bridge.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Heather Dyer, HMIS Training & Support Specialist, at 207-626-4685 or via email: